Cider PDO Cornouaille

Craft Cider Apple Picking in the PDO Cornouaille Area

Cidre from Cornouaille is a renowned apple cider. Cornouaille PDO cider is produced in the northwestern part of France, in the historic region of Brittany. The PDO Cornouaille cider (or Cidre AOP Cornouaille) is the first and only protected cider from the Brittany region.

The Cornouaille PDO cider is made of 100% pure apple juice.

It has a clear gold / orange color. The carbonation occurs naturally during the in-bottle fermentation. This type of carbonation creates a generous aromatic foam.
To the tongue, the first feeling of the PDO Cornouaille cider is soft and supple. And then reveals a wonderful complexity of floral, fruits and light spicy aromas in the mouth.
Then it offers a beautiful soft-bitter balance, great fullness, roundness and supple length.

A bit of history

In 1901, the cider from Fouesnant was declared “best cider in the world” in a short poem from Frederic Le Guyader. This declaration assured its long lasting fame. At the same period, a renowned scientist, Jules CROCHETELLE, studied cider apples in Brittany. He noted in its publication : “Fouesnant’s cider area includes the major part of the municipalities of Fouesnant. It rightfully enjoys an almost universal and always increasing fame, as not only the varieties which compose its cider are excellent, but mainly the inhabitants apply to make a very good cider” (source : Pommologie du Finistère, Jules CROCHETELLE, 1901)

PDO Cornouaille Cider Logo

PDO – Source European Commission

What is a PDO?

Protected Designation of Origin – PDO – identifies products that are produced, processed and prepared in a specific geographical area. Using the recognised know-how of local producers and ingredients from the region concerned. These are products whose characteristics are linked to their geographical origin. They must adhere to a precise set of specifications and may bear the PDO logo.

A Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is -in french- an AOP, standing for Appelation d’Origine Protégée, according to the EU designations.

The PDO cider Cornouaille is produced from 100% pure apple juice of local cider apple varieties such as Kermerrien, Marie Ménard, Dous Moen, C’hwerv Brizh (pronounced Feo Brij)… issued from identified and controled orchards. To know more about the apples used to produce the PDO Cornouaille cider, please visit our apple cider page.

The definition of the Cornouaille PDO geographical area was a long process, combining the different local apple varieties, the traditional processing techniques and the optimal land and growing conditions.

PDO Cornouaille Cider Area

PDO Cornouaille area – Source Macgleo

PDO Cornouaille Cider Production Area

The orchards responsible for bearing the apples for this delicious cider span across 38 towns in Cornouaille, Brittany. Most of them are situated in front of the Atlantic Ocean.

The production and processing area of the Cornouaille PDO is in the Finistère, the historic area of Cornouaille, in the Brittany region. Four distinctive zones are recognized for this semi-dry cider.

The Aven and Laïta Area

Years ago research in these valleys were made, allowing a selection of famous cider apples varieties. Cornouaille PDO here has the gentle bitterness taste of his tranquil havens.

The Fouesnant Area

It extends over the canton of Fouenant, the Odet valley and the surroundings of Quimper. Fouenant’s PDO Cornouaille cider distinguish itself by its texture, strength, softness and color. This is due to the local apple varieties well adapted to a soil that produces high-quality apples.

The Bigouden Area

This zone goes from the west of the Odet river to Pouldreuzic and Audierne. As a result, Cider PDO Cornouaille here reflects the roughness of the area, where life splits between the call of the open sea and the tranquillity of the countryside.

The Aulne Area

The orchard here were formerly really extended, when the area supplied the abbey of Landevennec. The Cider PDO Cornouaille is here more lively, without renouncing the bitterness of Cornouaille.

Production Method

Apples used in the production are divided into categories depending on the specific flavour of the must and following traditional classification criteria. Once classified, the apples are crushed or grated without adding water. Then, the must obtained goes to fining and is let to ferment slowly. The formation of froth occurs through the fermentation of residual sugar in the bottle. Sweetening, pasteurization and gasification are prohibited.

Cider Food Pairing


The Cornouaille PDO craft cider should be stored in cool places such as a cellar, bottle standing up. The consumption temperature can vary from 8°C to 10°C. It is an excellent drink alone. Else it matches well with any type of cooked fish dish. It is also often used in combination with local recipes for the preparation of flavoured meats (poultry, pork,…) which are cooked with cider. The PDO Cornouaille cider also associates well with fresh cheese, and is ideal to accompany desserts. Well you can drink it with nearly everything!