Our region : Cornouaille

PDO Cornouaille bottle neck and cork

Map-Bro-Gernev.pngCornouaille (Kerne in Breton) is a historic region of Brittany in northwestern France. It was was established in the early Middle Ages in the southwest of the Breton peninsula. Covering two thrird of Finistère, a part of Côte d’Armor and a part of Morbihan.

PDO Cornouaille cider is the only cider from Brittany with a Protected Designation of Origin. A PDO is the result of a group of producers acting together to protect their name,  their product and their terroir. If you want to know more about the PDO Cornouaille cider, please navigate the following pages.

PDO Cornouaille Cider from Kermao  Cider apple from Fouesnant
PDO Cornouaille Cider Cider apple Varieties
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