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PDO Cornouaille cider from Vergers de Kermao presentation and technical sheets.

Founded by Yves and Jacqueline SALIOU in 1991, la cidrerie « Les Vergers de Kermao » was born out of the desire to value a local product : the cider apple.

The 10 hectare orchards, planted between 1981 and 1988, are located in the area, which became later the PDO Cornouaille. The first ciders were developed with the collaboration of other producers and the sharing of local knowledge. Their first commercialization followed quickly and the craft cider direct sale from the property started in 1994.

In 1996, the cidrerie Les Vergers de Kermao received the controlled label of origin “AOC Cornouaille” (Cornouaille PDO). A great sign of recognition for Cornouaille cider. Since 2008, the cidery continues its development and increases its range of products with pommel and lambig.

In 2009, Brieug and Marine SALIOU took over and modernized the cider factory by creating new products while respecting the traditional craft and a quality process.

The future of this cidery looks bright, as they have recently planted another 10 hectares of cider apple orchards.

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Kermao Rewards

Vergers de Kermao Gold Medal Glintcap 2017

Kermao PDO Cornouaille cider has received many rewards. Recently, we can pinpoint the following

2017Best in Class and Gold Medal – GLINTCAP – Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition ( check the result on Glintcap website)

PDO Cornouaille Craft Cider from Les Vergers de Kermao

2017 – Silver Medal – Official Breton Cider Association Competition (Check the full results of the competition)

2016 – Silver Medal – National Competition in Paris (Check the full result of the CGA)

Review of Kermao PDO Cider

100% juice – Traditional method – Keeving

The PDO Cornouaille Cider from Kermao shows a nice pressure and sound when opened. While pouring, the foam effect is just right, forming a white head. To the eye it offers a beautiful and perfectly clear orange with animated fine bubbles. It has a flattering presentation. Nose is moderately powerful, with apple flavour, flowers and well-proportioned spices. It is subtle and elegant. Taste is well balanced, and brings in the nose sensations. The end of the mouth is an mildly acid fruity taste.
A very nice tasting cider.

The PDO Cornouaille craft cider is made at the farm from 100 % local cider apples following a traditional method that was awarded Protected Denomination of Origin status by the European Union. PDO Cornouaille cider is the sole PDO cider in Brittany. This cider as a 3 year shelf life. Please contact us to receive the technical sheet of this PDO craft cider.

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