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 PDO Cornouaille cider from Menez Brug presentation and technical sheet.

Menez Brug Cidery Lenaig and Steven GoenvecClaude GOENVEC - Source maplanetealimentaire.frBorn in Fouesnant, Claude GOENVEC discovered cider apples at an early age in its family farm, in Beg Meil. Passionate with the local cider apples diversity, a traditional production of Fouesnant area, Claude quickly became an expert of local varieties. Both for their agronomic and cidricultural qualities.

In 1980, he was one of the founding members of CIDREF (Comité Interprofessionnel Cidricole). Its goal was to restore cider popularity by renewing threatened orchards (at the time), as well as diversifying production with cider apple.

After starting his career as a dairy controller, Claude finally became a full-time craft cider man. He founded his cidery in 1989, with 6 hectares of cider apple orchards, all located in the area of the PDO Cornouaille cider. He was able to pass on his passion to his two children. His son, Steven, studied oenology.  While his daughter, Lénaïg studied business management. They both took over in 2013, after Claude retired.

The cider plant is located in a very touristic region (known as “Riviera Bretonne”), close to the sea, and most of their craft cider production is sold directly at Menez Brug farm.

Today, the cidery Menez Brug offers one of the most typical PDO Cornouaille cider, mostly from local varieties of apples.
A craft cider quality and excellence which seems natural which this history!

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Menez Brug Rewards

Regional Cider Competition 2017 Maison Cidricole BretagneMenez Brug PDO Cornouaille Cider regularly receives awards. Recently,  we can list the following PDO Cornouaille cider rewards:

Gold Medal 2017 – Official Breton Cider Association Competition (Check the full results of the competition)

PDO Cornouaille Cider

Bronze Medal 2017 – National Competition in Paris (Check the full result of the CGA)

Bronze Medal 2017 – GLINTCAP – Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition ( check the result on Glintcap website)

Review of the Menez Brug PDO Cornouaille Cider

100% Juice – Traditional method – Keeving

The Menez Brug AOP Cornouaille has a good pressure while opening, and offers a perfect white foam head. It has a strong orange colour, totally limpid. Bubbles are ideally thin. A beautiful presentation. Nose is moderately strong, but offers a wide range of ripen fruits, flowers and honey. Taste is very well balanced, with a bitterness pinch, distinctive feature of Fouesnant cider. The finish is also typical, ample and fruity with just a small astringency that calls the next glass.
A beautiful specimen of the PDO Cornouaille craft cider.

The PDO Cornouaille craft cider is made at the farm from 100 % local cider apples following a traditional method that was awarded Protected Denomination of Origin status by the European Union. PDO Cornouaille cider is the sole PDO cider in Brittany. This cider as a 3 year shelf life. Please contact us to receive the technical sheet of this PDO craft cider.

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