Who we are?

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Breton Cellar, the beer and cider export company

Breton Cellar Cider Export Company

Breton Cellar, the Breton beer and cider export company. It aims to bring one of the best craft apple cider, the PDO Cornouaille Cider, to growing international cider markets, by exporting a selection of its best specimens. As the best Cornouaille PDO Cider are produced by small traditional cider producers, they don’t have the ability, nor the time, to develop export sales.
That’s where Breton Cellar steps in, acting as the export department of its exclusive suppliers.

Exportation of craft ciders & craft beers

Creaft cider apple pickingBreton Cellar, the Breton beer and cider export company. It has selected an exclusive range of craft ciders and craft beers from independent producers. Breton Cellar ensures to its customers 100% authenticity of ciders and beers. Our producers are chosen based on very strict criteria : respect, tradition, excellence, quality and long-term relationship.

Carefully selected, Breton Cellar offers a unique high quality range of craft ciders from independent producers based in South Britanny (France), as well as a distinctive craft beer selection from Finistère (France). By first sampling and checking its selection, Breton Cellar offers you a range of high quality products, ready to please your end-market.

Breton Cellar professional expertise will provide you detailed knowledge about ciders & beers, food pairing, preservation and storage of the products. Technical sheets of the products are available, please contact us to get them.

Origins of Breton Cellar

Breton Cellar is born from the passion of its founders for their region, the Bretagne in French, Brittany in English or Breizh in Breton. Brittany is a well-known cultural region, located in the north-west of France. The historical province of Brittany is now split into five French departments : Finistère in the West, Côtes d’Armor in the North, Ile-et-Vialine in the East, Morbihan in the South and Loire-Atlantique in the South East. Brittany is the traditional homeland of Breton people and is recognised as one of the six Celtic nations.

Cider apple from Fouesnant

Brittany is synonymous with gastronomy and history. While language, bagad music and festivals keep alive the Celtic influence and traditions, the neolithic period has left a lot of menhirs and dolmens, known all over the world.

Marie WATTEBLED and Mark GLEONEC know very well this region as they have grown up and still live in Bretagne. Impregnated by this unique culture, they decided to create Breton Cellar. The goal is to introduce and develop what is the pride and identity of the region:  its premium craft ciders such as AOP Cornouaille and its iconic craft beer brand COREFF. Step by step, the company builds a range of local products to meet customer demands across the world. As a start, Breton Cellar has selected a range of two traditional premium craft ciders, and three COREFF beers brewed locally for more than 30 years.

What is the meaning of « Breton Cellar » ?

« Breton Cellar » literally means the cellar of the Breton. We named the company this way, referring to our selection of exclusive product from our local terroir and producers. As it can be find in the deep Bretagne region.

Our values

Breton Cellar, the cider export company as four core values. Respect, tradition, sharing and conviviality are the core values of our company. We strongly believe in our heritage. And our mission is to spread it to the world.

Who started this?

Mark Gleonec Breton Cellar

Mark GLEONEC, also known as MacGleo, is a Breton from Cornouaille. Draftsman and storyteller, he was born in the middle of the 20th century in Fouesnant, a town famous for its cider. As a result, he naturally invests himself in the adventure of PDO Cornouaille, a cider that made the daily life of his village.

In 1992, he published a “Guide to Cornouaille cider”. As a result, he become a privileged observer of the orchard life . And a member of the first tasting committee of the PDO Cornouaille. Animator of workshops and talks around the cider, author of articles, he participates in many competitions including the agricultural fair of Paris.

In 2012 publication of a collection of anecdotes collected in the Cornouaille orchards “The tales and stories of the country of the cider”.

Marie WATTEBLED Breton Cellar

Since January 2014, Mark GLEONEC is fully working on cider apples and ciders. He joined the organization of the Fouesnant cider competition (the oldest cider competition in Brittany). He also carried out an important collection and observation work on old apple varieties. This work takes place in the Verger Conservatoire de Penfoulig (Fouesnant) collection. Following it, he has created a Cider Breton tradition conference which he regularly offers in Brittany, France and even worldwide.

Marie WATTEBLED, his daughter, was born in the 80’s. Her father’s passion for cider and cider apple has spread through all her life. She has a French diploma in International Trade, and graduated in a marketing master of Business School. After different work experiences, mainly in marketing, and now mom of three young children, she is starting a new adventure. Positively associating with Mark GLEONEC, to promote, reflect and showcase the PDO Cornouaille cider around the world!

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